• £13,199.99

With all of the great features and action packed fitness of the M6 Pro, the V model shrinks the foot print down to make it easier to get into your club.

You don't have to screw anything into your walls, the M6 V is still completely freestanding and easy to install. You can install the M6 V at 3 different angles to more precisely fit the needs of your members. You can even upgrade the M6 V to an exterior unit and put it outside without sacrificing valuable activity space.


1150 Pounds 


Steel Framework with custom-machined wood panels


Inside - outside with optional exterior upgrade 

Width of climbing surface

6 feet 

Length of climbing surface

20 feet 

Number of hold Placements


Angle Range

Positive 5 degrees, Vertical, or negative 5 degrees. Chosen during assembly and adjustable by maintenance personnel

Mode of Control

Electro-Hydraulic braking and resistance

Electrical Requirements

9 V DC Plug-in Transformer 

Electronic Display

Measures Distance in feet, time, and calories 

Frame Colour

Silver grey, custom colours available 

Panel Colour

Charcoal grey, custom colours available 

Included Holds

40 custom training holds and 14 Ladder Line holds 

Maximum Hold Size

2.5 inches high x 6 inches wide 

Floor Mat

6' x 6' custom mat, 1.25" dual foam 


10 years on structural parts 


Installation of an M6 V takes 2 people a full day and requires some experience with basic hand tools. Most of our customers install their Treadwalls themselves but we can quote you for this if required. Every wall ships with a detailed and easy to follow instruction manual.

Delivery and installation cost not included !