Seca 804 - Digital Personal Scales


  • £51.60

Product Properties

  • 24 electrodes. For analysis of body fat and body water.
  • Automatic user recognition. For fast measuring results.
  • Four memories. For practical multi-person use.
  • BMI function to determine nutritional status.
  • More than 165 years of experience. For maximum precision.
  • From the global market leader for medical weighing
  • and measuring.

Body fat and body water analysis with new brilliance.


Take a look at the elegantly chromed electrodes. They are arranged to guarantee uninterrupted skin contact during the measuring of body fat and body water.

Precision: Basic
Technical Data:
Net weight: 0.2 sts, 1.3 kg
kg/lbs/sts switch-over: true
Product width: 315 mm
Product height: 44 mm
Product depth: 300 mm
Power supply: Batteries
Graduation: 100 g
Capacity: 150 kg, 23 sts
Batteries, quantity and type 4 X AAA
Functions & Properties:
  • Auto-HOLD
  • Automatic switch-off
  • Automatic user recognition
  • Body Fat / Body Water Measurement
  • BMI
  • User memory
  • Tap-on automatic switch-on

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