QD Pronation/Supination Wedge

QD Pronation/Supination Wedge


  • £22.99

The QD Pronation/Supination Wedge was developed as high durability insole that compensates for pronation or supination. This Rehband product is made with Technogel®, a unique polyurethane based gel with high shock absorption an outstanding durability. This groundbreaking soft and breathable gel provides excellent comfort. Rehband offers support to the outer or inner edge of the foot with this product. Self-adhesive for fixation in the shoe.


  • Can help to protect from pain in the foot, knee and back that are related to pronation or supination of the foot
  • Neutralizes the bio-mechanical changes in the foot, limbs and back that are associated with a pronated or supinated foot stance
  • When the product is placed on the medial side in the shoe to correct pronation, on lateral side supination
  • Self-adhesive for fixation in the shoe or boot
  • Sold as a pair


  • Use the product in flat shoes and in pairs to avoid pains or leg length discrepancy complications
  • Recommended to wear socks


• Material: 50% Polyurethan, 50% Polyester
• Hand wash | Air drying only