Punchbag Mitts - Various Colour Options

Carbon Claw

  • £27.99

A Punching mitt is a minimal requirement of protection for your hands and a small investment to prevent any injuries. The Punching mitt has been designed to give ample protection whilst going through those rigorous workouts whether being used in a class environment or with a partner using their target pads or even giving the punch bags a hard time.
The external punch area is manufactured from genuine leather that encases the various but specific combinations of foam layer padding. The non- exposed area of the mitt uses our flexible synthetic cross fibre material.
The elasticated elongated wrap around wrist strap has a strong hook and loop closure that allows for multiple adjustments and when fitted correctly the wrist is encased in what feels a solid structure to help in performing a perfect punch without undue stress caused by wrist flexion.
The palm has a vented mesh weave for continual air flow and also incorporates a built in grip bar.
Inside the Sabre mitt boasts the latest anti-microbial moisture wicking material to prolong the freshness of the glove.

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