Pro Speedball 6"

Pro Speedball 6"

Carbon Claw

  • £40.99

Using a speedball for the first time can sometimes be a difficult task to master but once accomplished it has already improved and taught you a variety of boxing skills such as hand eye co-ordination and rhythm along with building up that upper arm shoulder strength and fitness for improved power and performance.
For a speedball to be effective it needs to be cylindrical and inflated to the correct pressure and will require regular on going inflation checks to maintain performance.
The PRO X ILD -7 Series Speedball measures only 6 inches in length, making for a more difficult ball to train with as the reduced hitting area takes for a more skilled hand eye co-ordination to maintain rhythm and continuity.
Manufactured from the latest genuine leather hide materials, the 6 panel machine stitched ball incorporates a supa safe rubber inflatable bladder that significantly reduces air loss.
The internal rubber bladder has purposely not been sewn into the speedball so as a replacement bladder can be an option if damaged.
The hanging loop may not seem to be an important feature but it must not be overlooked.
It needs to be durable but not too bulky as it may cause unnecessary friction that may wear the loop but may also slow down the pace of the ball in motion.

Inflation P.S.I –Maximum pressure 4lbs.
Do not over inflate.

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