Headguard With Bar Protection Leather

Carbon Claw

  • £67.99

The Razor RX-7 Series Headguard has all the benefits and protection of our traditional designs but with an added face bar feature protecting the front of the face from punches and strikes that may find their way through with a more conventional headguard design.
The important manufacturing aspects of our headguards are that they are practical in their use and are of lightweight construction, comfortable and provide good all round protection.
Having multi-adjustment settings at the top, rear and chin sections will make sure you can set your headguard to fit comfortably and with a precise non-slip fit.
The effective external padding absorbs the blows to lessen impact and an internal soft padding encased in anti-microbial material is used for hygiene and comfort.
A good opening around the eyes allows for maximum peripheral vision to see those side hook punches being delivered as well as the front jabs.

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