AIREX Balance Pads

Physical Company

  • £63.59

The Airex® Balance Pad Elite is ideal for balance & posture stability training and helps to improve motor-skill training. Similar to the Airex® Balance beams it is used in Pilates, Yoga and rehabilitation to improve overall fitness and help with recovery.

Due to the unbalanced nature of the foam, the body is constantly challenged to stabilise helping to improve coordination, core strength and endurance, while minimising stress on the joints.

Easy to clean and has been treated to inhibit growth of fungus and bacteria.

Dimensions -

  • Elite Blue or Lava - 40 x 48 cm
  • Solid - 46 x 41 cm
  • Extra Large - 98 x 41 cm

Balance Pads are idea for improving balance, posture, coordination, and most suited to injury prevention, physiotherapy and Pilates and Yoga

Textured surface for non-slip

Do not use trainers when exercising with the Balance Pad

Manufactured from sanitised closed-cell foam that is durable yet soft

Available in both Standard, Solid and Extra-Large sizes

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