Activa Air Discs

Physical Company

  • £22.19

Balance on it. Sit on it. Stand on it. Kneel on it - the choice is yours. The Activa Air Stability Discs is the ideal tool for improving balance and posture.

Helping tone the trunk and abdominal muscles without strain, these stability discs can be used either in the gym as part of your core workout or in the work place to help improve your posture and constantly engage your mid section.

Can be inflated or deflated to obtain the desired firmness or to transport easily from the gym to the workplace.

•These Air Stability discs are designed to help improve balance and stability

•Available in two colour coded sizes:

Light Grey – 30cm 

Dark Grey – 40cm.

•Made from DINP (diisodecy phthalate) as opposed to the toxic DOP (di-2-ethyl hexyl phthalate) plasticisers.

•Latex free.

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