Pro Contest Glove RS2 - Various Colour Options


  • £140.00

Manufactured using the same hand-shape as our renowned RS1 Series, the RS2 offers the same unrivalled comfort, wrist support and fit. Developed for the heavy hitters, the RS2 is constructed with a soft yet dense, layered cell foam padding to create a true punchers glove while providing a high level of hand protection . Made from premium quality leather with a hard-wearing inner lining, the RS2 is the perfect glove to wear for both training camp and under the lights on fight night.


• Super Durable Construction

• Lace-up Palm / Wrist Enclosure

• Superior Hand Moulded Fit

• Layered Cell Foam Padding

• Hard Wearing Inner Lining

• Premium Quality Leather

• Moisture Wicking

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