Pro Sparring Gloves Leather

Carbon Claw

  • £99.99

The PRO X- 7 Series Sparring Glove carries the whole ethos of what Carbon Claw is about when offering a product that combines Performance, quality and comfort.
Made from only the best supple leather hide it allows the glove to flex naturally.
The construction of the glove offers a combination of foams which includes a gel foam layer allowing the specific area of forced impact to be absorbed but at the same time reducing the impact force on the other supportive areas of the hand and wrist.
If you know your gloves well then when putting one of these on you will notice straight away that all the crucial elements of a performance boxing glove are bought together to create a perfect synergy making this one of our best all round products available and will compliment either bag work or sparring sessions alike.
It is very important on impact that the wrist is aligned with the knuckle forehand area to eliminate stress on the joints and any undue wrist flexion so the glove comes with a wide supportive cuff strap which will encase the wrist and support it at any specific tension you require once the hook and loop closure is applied.
A specially adapted internal elasticated ring closure CC-fixture around the wrist allows for the gloves to be put on and taken off with ease.
The thumb tip is attached safely to the main body of the glove to avoid the thumb acting independently and bending backwards if an incorrect punch is performed
To allow the hands to breathe the palm has a vented mesh weave material allowing continual air flow to the skin and with the moisture wicking anti-microbial internal lining the heat build-up is kept to a minimum.
To enhance the more natural feel and position of a clenched fist the glove has a sewn in padded finger grip bar and the pre-formed knuckle padded area allows the boxers hand to close with little resistance and strain to the forearm area.

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