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Become an industry recognised boxing coach

“Anyone can fight but few can box.”

When you make a fist, something primal happens - a return to your roots that sets a stage for a deeper, more satisfying kind of fitness that will make you more effective in your professional life. (The Boxer's Workout)


“Learn to fight without the fight.”

“Train like the pro's without the blows.”

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Shadow-Box Instructor Training Courses are the perfect way to enhance your personal skills - in undoubtedly one of the hottest trends of fitness.  They enable you to educate your clients in an exciting and challenging style.

 • Our courses are designed for everyone who has an interest in learning the fundamental techniques and principals of boxing.

• Everything we teach gets broken down to the most basic principles of boxing, so a good understanding of the sport can be established. With this essential skill platform, we can help build your development.

• There are many ‘boxing courses’ on today’s market which are fake and unrealistic. At Serious-Fitness our courses have been created to be realistic and challenging yet thoroughly enjoyable.

• Our courses have been designed for everyone from fitness professionals to first time boxers, with no previous experience. We train anyone with any interest in boxing; fitness boxers, novice boxers, amateur and professional boxers, martial artists, boxing coaches and officials. Our courses have been designed with you in mind.

Serious-Fitness is a leading training organisation for boxing education. All courses are fully accredited by REPS and gain a maximum 16 CPD points.

Learn more about our Shadow-Box instructor training courses.



Exclusive to Serious Fitness

The all new Serious Boxing Range challenges current, industry leader boxing brands as the best boxing equipment on the market.  Only top grade leather is used on our products - absolutely no synthetic materials are used.  Check out the exclusive range to Serious Fitness through our paypoint 3D secure ESHOP which also has a huge range of boxing equipment for sale online.

As a serious boxing and fitness equipment supplier, we complement the ranges of all the top brands of boxing and fitness equipment available in our secure eshop:

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