BOSU Powerstax Set of 3

Physical Company

  • £335.22

Improve the versatility, intensity and usability of the BOSU Balance Trainer, and add an adjustable resistance training tool to your workouts. Each BOSU Powerstax is designed to elevate the BOSU Balance Trainer by 4 inches.

Partially stabilise the BOSU Balance Trainer in a platform side up or down position, and create unpredictable resistance challenges (or load) when filled with 2 to 35lbs. of water.

Includes 3 Powerstax + Workout DVD

Increase the height the BOSU Balance Trainer by 4"

Filled with water, Powerstax creates unpredictable resistance challenges

Complimenting the BOSU Balance Trainer with the training pricinples of Elevate, Stabilise and Load

Bosu sold separately !

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